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About Us


Since its foundation in 2015, Arrigoni Architects has been practising architecture that is grounded in history and dedicated to the conciliation between contemporary and historical architectural languages.

Revisiting the cultural background of its founder, Enrico Arrigoni, the practice uses traditional Italian elements of proportion and composition with contemporary approaches to context and sustainability, considering the passage of time a positive condition to the building. The practice's commitment to creating harmonious and long-lasting spaces is aligned with the concern for the environmental, socio and economic aspects of sustainability in architecture. This working ethos motivates the office to create designs that are cost-effective, accessible, energy-efficient and beautiful.

Arrigoni Architects actively involves the client in the design process by including them in the assessment of the quality and atmosphere of the future designed spaces through the use of physical and digital models, drawings and collages.

The comprehensive method employed by Arrigoni Architects enables the understanding of different requirements from the clients' needs to the local authorities concerns. This considerate approach has led Arrigoni Architects to a long list of successful planning permissions in London since its foundation.

Contacts: info@arrigoniarchitects.com or Instagram
28 New Road  London UK E1 2AX